30 Nov

How to Root Android 4 On HTC One S

Owners of HTC One S will be glad to learn that they can now Root Android 4.0.3, all thanks to hacker paulobriend on the XDA developers forum.

htc one s How to Root Android 4 On HTC One S
For a step by step guide to how you can root your device yourself, check out our instructions below and follow them carefully to get the desired result.
Follow the steps in the precise order mentioned. Remember that improper rooting might result in data loss to proceed at your own risk.
Step 1: Download Superboot from here. The app comes in a ZIP archive.
Step 2: Enter your phone into the bootloader mode by restarting your device. When your device powers up, remember to have the volume down button pressed.
Step 3: Now extract the contents of the Superboot archive that you downloaded. Extract the contents in a known location so you can point towards it later.
Step 4: Connect your Android device to your computer using the phone’s USB cable.
Step 5:
FOR WINDOWS USERS ONLY: Now locate the archive extraction folder and open up the install-superboot-windows.bat file.
FOR MAC USERS ONLY: Now run the Terminal application on your Mac and point towards the extraction folder. With it pointing to the right folder, type in the following command:
chmod +x install-superboot-mac.sh ./install-superboot-mac.sh
FOR LINUX USERS ONLY: Open up the Terminal application, point towards the extraction folder, and type in the following command:
chmod +x install-superboot-linux.sh ./install-superboot-linux.sh
Step 6: Enjoy your rooted device!
Assuming you did everything right, that is!
If you somehow find yourself in a mess that you cannot get out from, check out the XDA developers forums and the original rooting post here.
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